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Me Killa Lyric by Bone Thugs N Harmony

Album E 1999 Eternal

Artist Bone Thugs N Harmony (10 albums, 1984 songs)
Released 11.24.1998
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Me Killa Lyric


Doom, doom, doom, doom, doom.
[All: Bone . . .]
Me killa. Me killa.
Drug dealer, scandalous nigga, -lous nigga, -lous nigga.
Come again me say, me killa, me killa, me killa.
Gravedigger, scandalous nigga, -lous nigga, -lous nigga, -lous nigga.
Caught ya slippin' so I had to put a slug up in your chest.
Should've wore that vest. Talkin' s**'ll only get that ass put to rest.
A nigga, come, come flex.
Hey, get the llello, don't f*** with the Bone when I'm hangin' and bangin' and slangin'.
Swangin' blows to the dome. Nigga, watch that chrome, bodybag that ass on, home.
Me killa, me killa, me killa

Songs in this album

  1. Da Introduction
  2. Mo' Murda
  3. Shotz To Tha Double Glock
  4. East 1999
  5. Eternal
  6. Crept And We Came
  7. Down '71 (The Getaway)
  8. Mr. Bill Collector
  9. Tha Crossroad
  10. Me Killa
  11. Land Of Tha Heartless
  12. No Shorts, No Losses
  13. 1st Of Tha Month
  14. Buddah Lovaz
  15. Die Die Die
  16. Mr. Ouija 2

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