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Suckers Intl. Has Gone Public Lyric by Dillinger Four

Album Versus God

Artist Dillinger Four (4 albums, 1896 songs)
Released 06.27.2000
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Suckers Intl. Has Gone Public Lyric


Wasn't all that long ago
When our future seemed like a massive stone
Too weak then to lift it
Maybe not the brightest bulb
But so quickly dismissed it
That if you blinked you'd have missed it
Left behind and lost the will to try
Disengaged and blamed for their mistakes

You face the world with open hands
But you were left out of their plans
You hope you fit the f***ing mold
A perfect image to uphold
Stay with the plan and never stray
Or else get lost along the way
And you will fall out, fall out

There's no room for another way
And you learn that every single day
'Till you almost believe it
And they put you right there in your place
'Till you spit it back in their f***ing face
Try to make you a martyr
They keep on pushing 'Till you push back harder

Branded by the ones above
As a hand that doesn't fit the glove
Your chances are wasted
All they have are some hollow rules
And a smokescreen there to keep you fooled
They're nothing without it

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  2. "Get Your Study Hall Outta My Recess"
  3. Maximum Piss And Vinegar
  4. Last Communion
  5. Suckers Intl. Has Gone Public
  6. Total Fucking Gone Song
  7. Music Is None Of My Business
  8. Define "Learning Disorder"
  9. Let Them Eat Thomas Paine
  10. Shiny Things Is Good
  11. J. Harris
  12. Q: How Many Punks Does It Take To Change A Lightbu
  13. WreckThePlaceFantastic

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