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Shotgun Confessional Lyric by Dillinger Four

Album This Shit Is Genius

Artist Dillinger Four (4 albums, 1896 songs)
Released 12.13.1999
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Shotgun Confessional Lyric


I guess I don't know what it's like, you were looking for a fight tonight
How can I explain my situation, convey all the frustration
When confusion and contradiction's all I find
I gotta know, if I may be so bold
Are there things you don't already know?
And I can't stand it when you look at me that way
It's like you don't hear a word I say
I guess the time has come and gone
For me to give a f*** about right or wrong
Why should I justify my actions to narrow-minded factions
Why care, why try, why waste the time?
Will the barriers breakdown? 'cause I'm hoping that you'll come around
Miscommunication confounds the meanings inside
There'll always be a new crowd of finger pointing big mouths
You may be one of them now, but they'll devour you in time

Songs in this album

  1. Shotgun Confessional
  2. Unemployed
  3. Smells Like O.K. Soda
  4. One Trick Pony
  5. Open And Shut
  6. Sally Maclennane
  7. I Coulda Been A Contender
  8. Hi-Pro Glow
  9. Two Cents
  10. He's A Shithead (yeah, yeah)
  11. Holy Shit
  12. BiteTheCurbBiteTheCurb
  13. Inquiring Minds Should Read A Book

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