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Mosh For Jesus Lyric


A vague expression and a silent motive
To take this s**hole by the f***ing throat
And then it's on our hands
And that's how a new world began
A passing phrase of quiet indignation
A molotov to start the conflagration
Till we've lost our voice we'll make a joyful noise
A penny for your treason
Is worth a thousand more of hollow freedom
The world is feeling twice as cold today
And there's no more disguising it's decay
All this s** I gotta believe it was an accident
A random chance
Ignorance, intolerance abounding
How could this be a part of any greater plan
A new discussion of an age old question
An age old method towards a new direction
When the goings tough
We'll bite the hand that feeds
Break the fist that abuses
Be the voice of truth in a world so truthless
And juvenile, a stab in the back with a smile

Songs in this album

  1. O.K.F.M.D.O.A
  2. #51 Dick Butkus
  3. It's a Fine Line Between the Monkey and the Robot
  4. Portrait of the Artist as a Fucking Asshole
  5. Twenty One Said Three Times Quickly
  6. Super Powers Enable Me to Blend in With Machinery
  7. DoubleWhiskeyCokeNoIce
  8. Super Models Don't Drink Colt .45
  9. Shut Your Little Trap Inc.
  10. Mosh For Jesus
  11. Hand Made Hard Times Handed Back
  12. Honey I Shit the Hot Tub
  13. The Great American Going Out of Busines Sale

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