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Honey I Shit the Hot Tub Lyric


Watch the clouds form outside my window
I light another as the city goes grey
Face the whirlwind with a polite smile
Resist the motion of sef righteous crusades Some of the others live for deprivation
It's not something that I could ever do
I get my kicks from complete annihilation
A brown paper bottle to kill yesterday's news
The right sight but the wrong kind of vision
A grain of salt could do us all a little good
Just when the world seems so understanding
It knocks you over with a silent left hook
I faced a thousand attitudes like this one before
You can show me your restrictions
While I'm showing you the door

Songs in this album

  1. O.K.F.M.D.O.A
  2. #51 Dick Butkus
  3. It's a Fine Line Between the Monkey and the Robot
  4. Portrait of the Artist as a Fucking Asshole
  5. Twenty One Said Three Times Quickly
  6. Super Powers Enable Me to Blend in With Machinery
  7. DoubleWhiskeyCokeNoIce
  8. Super Models Don't Drink Colt .45
  9. Shut Your Little Trap Inc.
  10. Mosh For Jesus
  11. Hand Made Hard Times Handed Back
  12. Honey I Shit the Hot Tub
  13. The Great American Going Out of Busines Sale

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