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Raining In California Lyric by Human Nature

Album Walk The Tightrope

Artist Human Nature (5 albums, 1956 songs)
Released 04.26.2004
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Raining In California Lyric


It was raining in California
The day that I met you the angels were crying down
Once in a lifetime the moment I prayed for
I never thought would come
How can I let you go, now that I love you so
Let the tears fall like rain in California

Why - give me a reason why
Tell me where I went wrong
I'm watching the hours crawl by
I'm learning to be alone
Now that you've gone away so many words to say
(I still feel so much inside)
But this time I know why


Let it rain, let it rain
Forever and a day
Till I see you again
Let it rain
I'm feelin' my heart grow cold
Now I'm without you
All of the dreams I hold
Are only about you
So - what if our stars are crossed
Who hasn't loved and lost
(But I'm not the first to cry)
But this time I know why


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