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A Bitch Is A Bitch (Unreleased Freestyle Lyric


[Method Man]

Ooh yea I'm on my way to get some hay
I'd Rather not say right now, but anyway
I'm Fuckin wit this gangsta bitch around
the way. Who was ?? and the games
people play. A Hoe is a M-O could keep
s** down low. I'm wit dat ya know my
style so what da flow? Its been 3 weeks
now my girl still don't know but what
she don't know can't hurt her or make
a murder. The next peace..? She don't
want to have peace, she just wants
to have fun so I hook her and I treat her
like one. Bust it! Look in tha local
project, when I buzz her; on the 5th
rather brother make a dozen? Floor she
had a child but because I'm half poor kids
buy dread the next door. He don't know
the meaning of child care, cuz she's on
welfare looking at..? So raps the same
yearSo I took advantage of dat before it
was..? and pull'd a stack, and now what
I'm stickin it up without a doubt, and then
should I go upstrairs? Fuck dat rap too
many hoes up in dat place. I just can't
wait to find out til (??) All around town
the Meth is gettin down. With ? and..?
BITCH! don't rock the buck? I'm not a
buck smakin bitch's teeth down their
throats. So I avoid all of dat, and call
her back I was drinking all night, Kid
I need it bad, wassup ho? how you?
Loungin Through..I aint got nuthin to
do so wassup wit you? Treat her like
a rough situation, You know whats on
my mind you wit it? Now she's all(?)
and need some water, Before she had
to ask her cuz to watch her daughter
Yea, come down down strairs were
goin where? Straight to da vid..(??)
Sum-it up check my dough for body (??)
She comes back out of her house we in
da cab. Not much longer to want,(??)
Step right in and got a (??) Then I seen
her wit a man down the curl, [Pause]
Ooh Shit! Dats my girl! Whats goin on
kid? Hear all my words motherf***a..
Fuck dat Bitch! I'm gonna f*** her!

[Meth talking] (Da f*** you doin with dat nigga?)

[Method Man]

A Bitch is a Bitch..and is always
a bitch. Cracked and s** like a witch

[Closing] Out from the slums..there she comes

Songs in this album

  1. Part II
  2. 2 Tears In A Bucket
  3. 4, 3, 2, 1
  4. A Bitch Is A Bitch (Unreleased Freestyle
  5. You're All I Need (All That I Need Remix
  6. And You Don't Stop
  7. Buck 50
  8. Bulworth (They Talk About It While We Li
  9. Collaboration '98
  10. Dart Throwing
  11. Diesel
  12. Dirty Dancin
  13. Do What Ya Feel
  14. Dog In Heat
  15. Double Deuces (St. Ide's Malt Liquor Com
  16. Enjoy Da Ride
  17. Even If
  18. Evil Streets (Remix)
  19. Extortion
  20. Fast Shadow
  21. Freestyle
  22. Fuck Them
  23. Fuhgidabowdit
  24. Get It Up (Remix)
  25. Ghetto B.I.
  26. Gold
  27. Got The Flava
  28. Grand Finale
  29. Gravel Pit
  30. Gunz 'N Onez (Iz U Wit Me)
  31. Half Man Half Amazin'
  32. Hard To Kill
  33. Hit 'em High (The Monstar's Anthem)
  34. Got My Mind Made Up
  35. Ill Na Na
  36. It's In The Game
  37. And Justice For All
  38. Know Your Role
  39. Left And Right
  40. Method Man (Remix)
  41. Method Man (Home Grown Version)
  42. Milk The Cow
  43. N 2 Gether Now
  44. Next Up
  45. No Hooks
  46. N.Y.C. Everything
  47. Off The Wu-Headbanger
  48. One More To Go
  49. Protect Ya Neck (The Jump Off)
  50. Pussy Pop
  51. Rap Phenomenon
  52. Rollin' (Urban Assault Vehicle)
  53. Rumble
  54. Se Acabo (Remix)
  55. Simon Says Remix
  56. Simmons Incorporated
  57. String Play (Like This, Like That)
  58. Sucker MC's
  59. Supa Ninjaz
  60. Symphony 2000
  61. The Riddler (Hide-Out Remix)
  62. The What
  63. This Is What We Do
  64. True
  65. What The Beat
  66. Whatcha Gonna Do
  67. Wings Of The Morning (Dynamic Duo Mix)
  68. Wu-Tang Cream Team Line Up (a.k.a. 'Amer
  69. A Bitch Is A Bitch (Unreleased Freestyle)
  70. You're All I Need (All That I Need Remix)
  71. Bulworth (They Talk About It While We Live It)
  72. Double Deuces (St. Ide's Malt Liquor Commercial)
  73. Wu-Tang Cream Team Line Up (a.k.a. 'American Cream Team')

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