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Never Leave Your Side - Remix Lyric by One Voice

Album Sincerely Yours

Artist One Voice (3 albums, 1868 songs)
Released 06.26.2001
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Never Leave Your Side - Remix Lyric


[1st Verse:]
I know your feeling down
Because she broke your heart
Dont think that it's the end
You just gotta try and start
Over with someone, someone who's gonna care
Care about the way you feel, when no one else is there
But she gotta be patient because love takes some time
And you always gotta be on guard cause true love is so hard to find
Never know, who or where, how or why
When the woman you've been waiting for is right before your eyes

Whenever you're lonely
You can call on me
Cause i promise to be
There until eternity
If the mountains may fall
And the sun refused to shine
I'll be with you through it all
And whenever you hold me
I get a rush inside
You can tell by my touch
That i just can't lie
The way i feel about you just feels so right
Baby i will never leave

[2nd Verse:]
So open up your eyes
And let your mind free
What you've been searching for
Is all inside of me
So don't you be afraid
'Cause I won't let you down
Sweet love and honesty
In you I've finally found

[3rd Verse:]
I'll be your fantasy
I'll be your dreams at night
Don't ever have a doubt
'Cause the feelings oh so right
To have you here with me
Feels like your heaven sent
And since you've been with me
I've been in love ever since


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  2. Thru It All
  3. Swing Your Love 2 Me
  4. I Don't Wanna Dance Alone
  5. Make Believe
  6. Crying Game
  7. Get Your Hands Off Me
  8. Too Much Heaven
  9. Come With Me
  10. U Brighten Up My Life
  11. Serenade
  12. My Angel
  13. Never Leave Your Side - Remix

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