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Fiction (Dreams In Digital) Lyric by Orgy

Album Vapor Transmission

Artist Orgy (3 albums, 1870 songs)
Released 10.10.2000
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Fiction (Dreams In Digital) Lyric


she's lost in coma where it's beautiful
intoxicated from the deep sleep, deep sleep
do you wonder what it's like
living in a permanent imagination?
sleeping to escape reality, but you like it like that

guilty by design
she's nothing more then fiction.
she dreams in digital,
cause it's better then nothing.
now that control is gone,
it seems unreal,
she's dreaming in digital.
she dreams in digital.

and your pixel army can't save you now
my finger's on the kill switch
i remember i used to compose your dreams
control your dreams
and don't be afraid to expose yourself
before i shut you down
you made some changes since the virus caught you sleeping


Songs in this album

  1. Vapor Transmission (Intro)
  2. Suckerface
  3. The Odyssey
  4. Opticon
  5. Fiction (Dreams In Digital)
  6. Eva
  7. 107
  8. Dramatica
  9. Eyes-Radio-Lies
  10. Saving Faces
  11. Re-Creation
  12. Chasing Sirens
  13. Where's Gerrold

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