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Acknowledge Me Lyric by Prince

Album Crystal Ball

Artist Prince (32 albums, 2505 songs)
Released 01.05.2001
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Acknowledge Me Lyric


Hey! {"The Line" sample}
(Down on it) {sampled in song}

Say baby, what U waitin' on?
4 U, huh, ain't no other fish in the sea
What U waitin' on? Acknowledge me

Acknowledge me, don't dog me anymore
I was here in the beginning and I'll be here 4ever more
Acknowledge me, I only wanna be your friend
I can make U happy, baby, over and over again

Saw U at the party, U were lookin' so fly
Everybody wanted your number, U wanted mine
U came right up 2 me in one wink of an eye
U told me that U think of me both day and night and that is why

I've got 2 know, how can U give your body 2 another
When your mind is here with me?
U need a friend much more than a lover
That's all I ever said I wanted 2 be

(No baby)
(Oh baby)

I'm waitin' 4 the phone call, but it just don't ring
I'm lookin' 4 a letter or a sign from heaven or anything
Every day that goes by is another day I want U more
I'd give a million dollars 2 see U, baby, standin' at my door

I'll lay U down and tell U stories
About the way that we could be
And when U're ready 2 feel the glory (Feel the glory)
I'll only want 2 love U when it's somethin' that U need

(No baby)
(Oh baby)

Not that U care 4 a silly rhyme frontin' an old clich?(Huh, huh, yeah! {x2})
But look at me baby, what can I say?
There ain't another fish in the sea (Yeah)
I could be singin' a song any style, any way
Ain't nothin' but a trick 2 me (Blow)
But I'm gonna blow this horn until U're on your knees
Beggin' me please, please, please
Gimme, gimme, gimme, gimme love I can count on
Gimme, gimme body I can't go without
Uh, slaves 4 one another (Hey!)
Yeah baby, that's what I do believe I am talkin' about
So let me know how U wanna go? (Huh, huh, yeah!)
U wanna get with that or this? (Huh, huh, yeah!)
Uh, acknowledge me, baby
U got 2 or U can kiss?

How can U give your body 2 another (How can U, baby?)
When your mind is here with me? (It's here with me)
U need a friend much more than a lover (U need a friend)
(That's all I ever said I wanted 2 be)
And that's all I ever, ever wanna be, baby
Acknowledge me, me, me, oh yeah!
(Acknowledge, acknowledge, acknowledge, acknowledge me)

(No baby)
(And over again, yeah!)

(Acknowledge me, don't dog me anymore)
Don't cha dog me, girl
I'll be here, I'll be here 2 wipe away your tears
(Acknowledge me, I only wanna be your friend)
Oh, don't cha worry about a thing
(I can make U happy baby, over and over again)
Oh yeah!

Come on pretty baby, sit your butt on the chair there
And let me run a gender in and out of your hair fair
A gender 4 the morning, noon and night, so prepare there
U can come alone or tell a friend, I don't care bear
This a funky party so U need 2 be open
Givin' up all I need so I don't need 2 be hopin'
And even if we're dealin' with that time of the month
It's 4th and goal and I ain't about 2 punt
Cuz as soon as U be strollin' in your Lagerfeld blazer
U need 2 know how many ways a brother can praise ya
2 bad 4 hell, 2 good 2 let heaven raise ya
And if U wanna see my dream, I need U 4 days and days
Baby doll, can U get the hell away
From that thing U call a man and then we can play
The kind of music that'll make your big butt sway
2 the back, 2 the forth
When it's all said a better brother should be more, uh
Thank the Lord
Huh, 4 a body like that, titties swingin' like a door
Gimme 2 times just 2 thank my Savior (Acknowledge me)
Girl, what can I say, U got the crazy flavor
I'm givin' U plenty propers so U got 2 score (Acknowledge me)
The only one that's gonna make U holler 4 more
Like a whore, I'm yours (Acknowledge me)
Acknowledge me, baby, what are U waiting 4?

Welcome, this is where I live {excerpt from "All My Dreams"}
This is where I dream my dreams
2night we'll make love until the world stops turning {fade out}
U're small but?/td>

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