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Love Sign (Shock G' SIlky Remix) Lyric by Prince

Album Crystal Ball

Artist Prince (32 albums, 2505 songs)
Released 01.05.2001
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Love Sign (Shock G' SIlky Remix) Lyric


(We don't stop) {repeat sample in song}

Love sign {x2}
Love, love

If U're sick of evil knocking on your door
Throw up the love sign once and 4 ever more
If U'd rather make love and have a little fun
Throw up the love sign everybody and not the gun

In a chariot of red and gold
The cool, fuzzy voice said, "Come save your soul"
Before the fear of rejection reared its head
He stood before the masses and calmly said


In the day of where and why we all belong
Don't nobody wanna hear a silly love song
And if they did then we would sing it on the news
While U're aiming your gun at me and I'm aiming back at U


Song now
Everybody sing the song now

If U only had one year left 2 live
What good is the time U spend if U got no love 2 give?
Let's all get up off the front and find a cause 2 back
Then we can teach the babies replications of the act, of the act

(Sick of evil knockin', yeah)
(Then ev..everybody, oh)
(We can have a little fun)
(Everybody, oh yeah)
(Oh yeah)
(4 ever more)
(Make a little love now)
(We can make love instead of guns, oh)


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