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Russian Roulette Lyric by Tsunami Bomb

Album Ultimate Escape

Artist Tsunami Bomb (4 albums, 1869 songs)
Released 09.03.2002
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Russian Roulette Lyric


Something isn't right, something's got you down
You feel mechanical, a lost soul in the crowd
You're one of us so none of us are going to listen to you complain
You better shut your mouth, or when we're through with you,
You'll be ashamed

If you wanna be in, you're in
If you wanna get out, get out!
Or take the Russian roulette, and bet you're going down

Thought you had friends, thought you knew this band
If you want your life to be your own, divided we stand
Shooting for stability is pointless cause you gotta deal with me
I'm seeing red, if you turn back now you'll wish you were dead

You better watch your back cause we're on the attack
You better watch your back,
there's no turning back when I say...
Don't you understand what you've done?
Let's even up the score
By now you'd better be heading for the door

Songs in this album

  1. Take The Reins
  2. Russian Roulette
  3. Say It If You Mean It
  4. Roundabout
  5. Top 40 Hit
  6. 20 Going On...
  7. The Simple Truth
  8. Headlights On A Handgrenade
  9. Count Me Out
  10. El Diablo
  11. In This Together
  12. Swimming Through Molasses

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