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In This Together Lyric by Tsunami Bomb

Album Ultimate Escape

Artist Tsunami Bomb (4 albums, 1869 songs)
Released 09.03.2002
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In This Together Lyric


Take a look around the room, eyes red from crying
No one knows what is true, then I see you
I can't even try to convey how safe I am
(When you're around me)
You donate your strength when I am broken

Like a tiny grain of sand, I'm insignificant
Who is a foe, who's a friend, and who pretends
For his or her own benefit and all the while I know
(You're thinking of me)
Even when I'm alone, you're thinking of me

Sometimes I wish I could become a painting on the wall
Watch the people passing by, they don't notice me at all
Wish I could disintegrate like a fading dream
You remind me that you're by my side,
and you're thinking of me

You take my heart, I'll take your hand

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  2. Russian Roulette
  3. Say It If You Mean It
  4. Roundabout
  5. Top 40 Hit
  6. 20 Going On...
  7. The Simple Truth
  8. Headlights On A Handgrenade
  9. Count Me Out
  10. El Diablo
  11. In This Together
  12. Swimming Through Molasses

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