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Sex Therapy 101 (Skit) Lyric


[Doctor Chris Olmen]
Good evening ladies welcome to Sex Therapy 101.
I am your doctor Chris Olmen here.
And we are gonna do the 3 basic elements of sexual gratification today.
And what were talkin about is 3 simple questions, and I’m gonna post question #1 right now.

[Girl #1]
I like for a man to step up to me with swagger.
Know what you want and take control with me, f*** the dumb s**.
He’s a nigga that knows what he doing.
Cause I ain’t trying to teach no nigga.

[Girl #2]
I like a dude rockin some tims, a white tee off a tee hat with that confidence that’s makin his way over
to me like I’m the only 1 in the room.
Oh, and don’t come to wit does played out lines, what’s your signs, what cha mix with.
Ehh, If you honestly want me act like it, come in with some originality and in that right moment if you
tell me the right thing and touch me the right way, you got me.

[Girl #3]
See baby, alot of people don't know this about me but, I likes a freak, I like a mothaf***er who's sharp,
gots, his s** together who knows that I'm the 1 he wants.
You know the look dead in my eye grab my on the sly.
Step to me and sniff my urban essense, put his lips up to my ear snd whisper exactly what he wants from me.

Songs in this album

  1. All Good Things (Intro)
  2. Live Again
  3. The Courthouse (Skit)
  4. 23 Hr. Lock Down
  5. Sex Therapy 101 (Skit)
  6. Wait (The Whisper Song)
  7. Sex Therapy 102 (Skit)
  8. Pull My Hair
  9. Bedroom Boom
  10. Hoes
  11. Badd
  12. Put That Thang Down
  13. Wait (The Whisper Song) (Remix)
  14. Long Time
  15. Ghetto Classics
  16. Shake
  17. My Brother's Keeper
  18. U.S.A.

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